Who We Are

"Our mission is to develop communities of attainable, high quality, architecturally interesting, fee simple homes for the essential workforces of Rocky Mountain towns."

Fading West is a development company born in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Living in Buena Vista, our president, Charlie Chupp, saw the need for quality, affordable, architecturally interesting housing. Locals and newcomers alike were struggling to find homes within their means, or really, housing at all.

Fading West Development was founded to provide the option for home-ownership in Chaffee County. Our hope at Fading West is that through home-ownership, people will be able to stay and invest in their community.

So, what does this mean for you?

Fading West Development has created turnkey packages that can be licensed to other developers or municipalities. We have done the leg work and would love to provide you the resources to provide quality, affordable, architecturally interesting housing in your community!