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We Build and Deliver Modular Homes

The national affordable housing shortage is a well-documented crisis. With the shortage of new homes, prices have risen at twice the rate of income and three times the rate of inflation.

Fading West Homes, owned by Fading West Development, builds modular, off-site homes to help develop thriving communities. Our first development, The Farm at Buena Vista , Colorado, is a 21-acre, 214 home subdivision providing the most affordable housing in the Rockies. Fading West has experience in raw land development, construction, and product development and design.

Our modular homes are:

  • High-quality construction

  • Architecturally interesting

  • High-efficiency - Less waste, transportation costs, and neighborhood disruption

  • Cost-effective - 15%-30% lower construction cost than traditionally built homes

  • Adhere to IRC code while reducing build times by 40%

Partner With us to Develop Thriving Communities

We partner with developers who are building thriving communities, not just housing. We’re dedicated to supplying your development with high-quality, beautiful homes that are designed to last. Fading West helps people build equity through homeownership. We do this by building homes offsite to be more cost-effective and efficient. Our prebuilt modular homes are designed to maximize efficiencies gained through a centralized LEAN production facility.  Our process will guide you through the entire process from planning to maintenance.

Our Process for Creating Affordable Housing:


1. Planning

We work with you to choose the best floor plans for your development project.

2. Building

Our team of talented local contractors design and build your homes in our large climate-controlled factory.

3. Shipping + Delivery

Once completed, we schedule and ship the homes to your destination of choice. Upon arrival, we assist your builders in setting each home onto permanent foundations.

4. On-site Support

Our homes are designed to be easy and efficient to install, with fully finished exteriors, plumbing, and wiring. Our standardized interiors can be customized, and we work together with your building/finishing teams on final installation.

5. Training

We also work with your team to equip them with the knowledge they need to finish each home; providing you with tools, designs, and marketing materials for your development. 


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About Fading West Development


"Our mission is to develop communities of attainable, high quality, architecturally interesting homes for the essential workforces of Rocky Mountain towns."

- Charlie Chupp, Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Fading West is a development company born in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Our president, Charlie Chupp, saw the need for quality, affordable, architecturally interesting housing in Buena Vista. Locals and newcomers alike were struggling to find homes within their means, or really, housing at all.

Fading West Development was founded to provide the option for home-ownership in the West. Our hope at Fading West is that through home-ownership, people will be able to stay and invest in their community.

Fading West Development has created turnkey packages that can be licensed to other developers or municipalities. We have done the leg work and would love to provide you the resources to provide quality, affordable, architecturally interesting housing in your community!